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    Reviews of audiophiles from all over the world


    George Dobrescu, Romania: "if you`re looking for the best sounding warm tuned, clean and deep IEM`s, with 24 drivers per each ear to deliver proper enjoyment, endless fun and thousands hours of delight and joy, Ambient Acoustics Mad24 are fully recommended, especially as they have the most natural sound you can find in a monitoring flagship with this level of details".

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    George Dobrescu, Romania: "if you enjoy precision, impact and clear, well defined sound with super good resolution and detail, and if you appreciate a boutique product, handmade for your ears, you should check out Ambient Acoustics MAD16 and the intriguing performance they provide"

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    MAD24 & MAD16

    ConvinceMeAudio, UK: "The best in-ear monitors on the planet"

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    Richard Ruso, USA: " If I had to use a single word to capture all of what I am about to say…. Transcendent.."

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    Skedra, UK: "Do I then recommend the MAD24 and MAD16? In terms of sound, wholeheartedly yes, both of them are distinct, extremely well-performing IEMs with a crazy amount of cool technology inside."

    To know more: vikingaudioblog.com


    Audio Primate, UK "these IEMs will sound like nothing else you’ve ever heard before. Hyperbole or not, the is some of the most enjoyable and addictive sonic presentation I’ve heard since I got into this hobby, and not just from an “in ear”, but from headphones and speakers as well."

    To know more: audioprimate.blog


    Mykhailo Khilko, Ukraine: "They are detailed, technical and natural, with great balance of micro and macro details and involving presentation."

    To know more: porta.fi


    Mykhailo Khilko, Ukraine: "The soundstage of which the manufacturer speaks is really good. It is built with attention to composition, with good separation and interaction of layers and instruments. The latter have enough air between them for being open sounding, but positioning is what really draws attention. It’s not 100% ideal, but very close to that. Of course, MAD24 pay much attention to composition without tending to enforce their own presentation. The width and depth are close to maximum within form-factor.."

    To know more: porta.fi

    MAD10 & MAD4 & MAD3H

    Mykhailo Khilko, Ukraine: "All 3 models are more than good. Depending on personal taste and source everybody will find something to like. Drive and emotions of MAD3H, condensed musicality of MAD4 or technical but full-of-life reference sound o MAD10 — everything has its positives. The choice is yours."

    To know more: porta.fi

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