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  • Gift cards

    The gift certificate is an excellent opportunity to give a pleasant gift to your relatives.

    There are two kinds of certificates:

    1. The gift certificate with indication of a good type. For example: you know, which good most of all will be suitable for a gift - Individual nozzles on earphones or Custom Am1 earphones.

    2. Gift certificates in a cash equivalent. For example: you do not know which goods would like for a gift. In this case the owner of the certificate will choose goods by self.

    Before the order of the Certificate, you need to contact our laboratory, to specify what type of the Certificate you want to present and make the order of the Certificate. Time of preparation of the certificate is about 2 working days.

    The gift certificate has the silvery card on which Number of a gift is specified, the Full Name to whom is intended the Certificate, the name of goods or a sum of money of a gift and the short instruction. The card is packed into a gift envelope.

    Date of expiry of the certificate is 1 year.

    Give gifts to your relatives whom you really love!))