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    AM2 VocalEdition

    Clean and clear vocals. Ideal for the disclosure of all the beauty of jazz compositions


    - Single Low/Mid, Single High Balanced Armatures

    - 2 sound bores

    - 2-way crossover

    - Freq. response: 10Hz...17kHz

    - Sensitivity(500Hz): 110 dB/mVt

    - Impedance(500Hz): 18 Ohm


    Excellent vocal control

    Individual AM2-VocalEdition custom monitors are miniature two-way speaker system in your ear. With the additional massive driver for low frequencies and the small, “fast” driver for medium and high frequencies, AM2-VocalEdition monitors create a “clear” and “tight” low range and articulatory high range, which is impossible to achieve by a single driver! AM2-VocalEdition has a slightly forced speech range that appeals to fans of instrumental “analytical” musical styles. Ideal for vocal control (especially female), acoustic guitar and bow instruments!

    Medium frequencies without “overload” on the high and low frequencies

    IEC711 Reference Plane

    Frequency response

    Frequency response(FR) characteristic shows the tonal balance (volume balance at different sound frequencies). The higher the frequency response linearity, the balanced and with less coloration earphones sound.

    Music styles
    Volume (scene)
    For professionals
    Sound engineer
    Electric guitar
    Bass guitar
    Individual design

    You will be notified of work completion by phones specified in the order form or by e-mail. After agreeing on the method of delivery, Your order will be sent to You. In Ukraine delivery is possible by postal service - "Nova Poshta", in CIS and other countries delivery is provided by the national or speeded mail (charged separately according to the tariffs of postal services).

    1. Make ear impressions
    First of all, you must make an impressions of your ears. You can make this procedure at the nearest audiologist. If you live in Kiev, you can make ear impressions in our office. Then the cost of ear impressions will be included in the price of your order. Audiologist impressions recommendations.

    2. Select design
    Сreate your personal custom IEM in our Personal Custom Designer and send it to our e-mail.

    3. Payment and delivery
    After filling in the order form, you will be contacted by our experts to clarify your order and order total value. After that, you have to make the payment. Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. Keep in mind, your order is given in the work only after 100 % prepayment.