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Return policy

You can return Ambient Acoustics goods if warranty and licensing rights are satisfied:

  • 1. The goods were not used and were kept in the form in which they were purchased.
  • 2. The time of purchase is no more, than 14 days.

Since all AmbientAcoustics products are made by individual order and can not be used in the future, you must consider time and material costs, that we take. You can return around 60% of the cost of goods. Banking and transport costs are charged by the buyer.

Agreement of public performance of products

You give your permission to the public presentation, reproduction and distribution of photos, images, illustrations, videos with your participation with products made by your order by Ambient Acoustics on the Internet resource www.ambient-acoustics.ua. Your name / stage name can be used in information materials / promotional materials of Ambient Acoustics.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Impressions are given to work only after 30% payment (by bank transfer paying)!
  2. Costs for mail services are paid by the buyer!
  3. Terms of Ambient monitors production (or remolding services) is 14-20 working days after the moment of receiving impressions and payment confirmation. Terms of Ambient customs, earplugs production is 7-10 working days after the moment of receiving impressions and payment confirmation.
  4. Skin of the ear canal adaptation to the individual custom monitor, custom sleeves, earplug period is 7 days, only after the expiration of this period products are taken for shape correction!
  5. Individual custom monitors, custom sleeves and otoplastic are made by our specialists manually. Each monitor and custom is tested on the works completion. We can not guarantee that the final product does not contain micro air cavities!
  6. Due to the inherent difference in the color of our materials and the color of your computer screen, it is possible that the final color of the product will differ slightly! We can not guarantee that the color is exactly like on the screen of your monitor! If you are not satisfied with the final color of your monitors (customs), You can order a reshell for just $ 150!
  7. Products for sound correcting will not be accepted (individual monitors of the laboratory and monitors after customization)! It is advisable before ordering Ambient monitors become familiar with the sound of the model that you are most interested in! For these purposes, there are demo set of our models in our ofice are present.
  8. Our specialists always carefully and accurately perform the extraction of the speakers from the universal shells during customization. However, due to the fact that the earphones often have long lifetime (pre-owned), and universal shells projecting held by sawing, there is a strong possibility that after placing the speakers in individual shells, they do not work properly (large harmonic distortion, failure or change of the frequency balance). Laboratory can not give a guarantee for such speakers and internal components! Our experts are always carried out inspection of speakers before and after customization and if there are any abnormalities in their work, you will be notified!
  9. For preservation of monitors electronic component, use a drying means (packaged silica gel, or specialized dewaterin for hearing aid care)! If You suffer from moisture and sulfur profuse discharge from the ears, it is desirable to use a drying agent every day! Remember that the durability of the normal functioning of this product will depend on the way you will follow the personal hygiene and the state of the acoustic filters in sound bores!
  10. If you suffer from chronic ENT diseases (infections) or sulfur profuse discharge (frequent cerumen), consult with your doctor about the possibility of such products usage before ordering this product! Taking an order for production of individual monitors, customs, earplugs etc. laboratory implies that all necessary consultation with the ETN specialist were conducted!
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