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Return policy

You can return Ambient Acoustics goods if warranty and licensing rights are satisfied:

  • 1. The goods were not used and were kept in the form in which they were purchased.
  • 2. The time of purchase is no more, than 14 days.

Since all AmbientAcoustics products are made by individual order and can not be used in the future, you must consider time and material costs, that we take. You can return around 60% of the cost of goods. Banking and transport costs are charged by the buyer.

Agreement of public performance of products

You give your permission to the public presentation, reproduction and distribution of photos, images, illustrations, videos with your participation with products made by your order by Ambient Acoustics on the Internet resource www.ambient-acoustics.ua. Your name / stage name can be used in information materials / promotional materials of Ambient Acoustics.

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Waterproof case
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Stick for removing sulfur
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Drying capsule
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Textile case
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