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    AM1A are the first budgetary custom earphones with a stereo headset and a removable cable from Ambient Acoustics laboratory. It’s an excellent choice for active people, who likes music!

    150 $


    AM1-A earphones are the first budget model of our laboratory, which we make by using impression of your ears in 48 hours. This model has a huge number of pluses. There are: replaceable sulfur filters and a headset wire with mmcx connectors, an original and miniature shape, a bright palette of colors. And of course, it’s soundproofing and exceptional clarity of reproduction of musical compositions. We created this model for fans of "smooth" neutral sound, with a "slightly" raised lowercase.This model is an excellent choice for people, who live an active life!


    - 1 driver per ear

    - 1 soundbore

    - Freq.Range: 10Hz...17kHz

    - Sensytivity(500 Hz): 108 dB/mVt

    - Impedance(500 Hz): 10 Ohm

    - Sound insulation: - 20 dB

    - Shell: Acrylic

    - Wire: 120 sm, removable with mmcx connectors

      арматурные наушники​​

      арматурные наушники купить​​​​

      Frequency range AM1-S

      (IEC711 coupler Reference Plane)

      лучшие арматурные наушники​​

      Ambient Acoustics Laboratory provides a choice of color for Am1-A to its customers.

      Please, specify in the order to earphones a color of acrylic shell.

      To order monitors AM1-A, you need to make impressions of your ears in our lab (the price is included) or send them by post (the address will be indicated in the further instructions of our specialists). Also, we recommend sending scanned ears in 3D * .stl format to us on the mail! Our recommendations for impressions are here.

      Color palette:

      бюджетные арматурные наушники

      Balanced armature earphones in custom acrylic shell!

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