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  • AM1-S

    The first custom in-earphones with the stereo headset from Ambient Acoustics in the soft silicone shells! Best suitable for sports and active life.

    150 $
    production 5 days

    Personal custom AM1-S earphones are the first custom earphones for mass active use in the soft silicone shells. Maximum souinsulation and exceptionàl definition of musical compositions are main advantages of this model.We created this model for fans of an "equal" neutral sound, with "slightly" raised lower case. AM1-S is an excellent choice for the active people.


    - 1 driver per ear

    - 1 soundbore

    - Silicone case

    - 130 sm fixed wire with microphone

    - Freq.Range: 10Hz...17kHz

    - Sensytivity(500 Hz): 108 dB/mVt

    - Impedance(500 Hz): 10 Ohm

    - Sound insulation: - 30 dB



    Frequency range AM1-S

    (IEC711 coupler Reference Plane)

    Ambient Acoustics Laboratory provides its customers with a choice of color for Am1-S.

    Please specify in the order to the headphones of your choice silicone color.

    Color palette:

    Balanced armature in-earphones in soft custom shells!

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