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  • Bath plugs (2 pcs.)
    • Bath plugs (2 pcs.)
    Bath plugs (2 pcs.)
    Recommended for hearing protection during bathing and showering.


    Protect your ears while bathing, showering or participating in water sports with special earplugs. The earplugs are made of soft hypoallergenic material and, thanks to the individual fit, provide maximum comfort and a good protective effect without pressure on the ear.

    Why are custom earplugs better than universal?

    Your ear impressions are used to make individual earplugs.

    Due to this, individual plugs:

    • do not fall out
    • comfortable to wear
    • provide the highest possible level of sound insulation
    • have an unlimited period of use


    Keep in mind that a healthy person hears sounds not only by ears, but also through the mouth and the bones of the skull. Therefore, it is not possible to achieve complete sound isolation. You will never be alone!

    How is the process organized in Ukraine?

    1. You place an order on our website
    2. We are contacting you to find a convenient day and time for making ear impressions in our office in Kyiv (for free). If you cannot come to us, ear impressions can be made in any hearing aid center (on the territory of Ukraine). This service is paid separately in the medical center

    3. How to make ear impressions read here

    4. Make 100% pre-payment of the order to the company's bank account

    5. We make 3D model of your ear impressions

    6. Manufacturing earplugs

    7. The finished product you can take out from our office or receive by Nova Poshta (according to the carrier's tariffs).

    Additional information:

    By default, the color of the earplugs is clear. Other combinations of colours are discussed individually with laboratory. Individual earplugs are equipped with the connecting lace which prevents loss one of earplugs! Right (R) and left (L) ear identification is present. Plugs are made in the form of a full shell (conch).

    Complete set:

    • Earplugs (2 pcs)
    • Case
    Bath plugs (2 pcs.)
    Bath plugs (2 pcs.)

    Recommended for hearing protection during bathing and showering.

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