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  • Remolding service

    150 $
    production 14 days

    What is included in the base price:

    • Casing production according to ears casts
    • Insert the internal components of the old acoustic earphone in new casings

      Additional options:

      connector replacement, fixing of new, other site connectors, wires replacement, upgrade (increase the number of speakers), sounding correction, acoustic filter replacement, installation of sulfur filters, etc.



    Unlock the potential of Your earphones

    Customization includes remaking a factory casing of Your reinforcing in-earphones on the individual, producted by a cast of Your ear canal. Due to full anatomical fit for Your ear canal, maximum sound insulation is reached, as well as maximum fixing of the individual monitor in an ear. This reduces the working volume levels of the listened composition that reduces the risk of acoustic trauma in noisy environments!

    Due to the location of radiators closer to the eardrum, it is possible to achieve a clearer bass and increase the subjective loudness of earphones. Also this kind of a custom prevails over individual stage monitors!

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