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  • Silicone tips for in-earphones

    100 $
    production 7 days

    - For the production of removable silicone sleeves ear impressions should be performed according to our recomendations, in this case, is only sent to the laboratory impressions and the model name of the earphones for which they are manufactured.
    - If the laboratory Ambient Acoustics for any reason will not have sample your earphones (or headset), along with impressions of the ears you need to send us earphones too.
    - By default, the silicone sleeves are made in the form factor - full shells with an imprint housing earphones in the customs. Other modiffications and tips are discussed individually on request!

    Perfect fixation in ears

    Removable silicone custom sleeves are made from an impressions of human ears. Unlike universal sleeves, this allows to reach the maximum comfort of fitting and fixation in the ear. You can not worry that earphones (bluetooth or communication headset) will fall even during intense physical activities. Custom sleeves provides excellent noise isolation (up to 26 dB).

    Great solution for people with narrow canals, for which the universal sleeves do not provide a proper fixation and sound!

    Please, note that price of tips for big monitors with complex form will be 50 USD higher.

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