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  • HunterSound I

    Personal elecronic active earplugs with suppression of a gun shot

    450 $
    production 10 days


    • frequency range 100 Hz - 7 kHz;
    • 6 band digital sound compression;
    • compression attack time 5ms;
    • compression release time 70 ms;
    • battery type A312;
    • 3 programs of listening - the main, comfort and the main+ radio set (External signal source connection to earplugs using cord with mic via 3.5 mm plug);
    • switch off volume by the button of selection programs;
    • connecting detachable cord for external source (headset or radioset) with sqrew thread plugs and 3,5 mm plug;
    • custom fit ;
    • faceplate art design (additional options);

    Complete set:

    • Hunter Sound I in shells from ear impressions (2pcs)
    • Removable lace
    • Detachable cord for comunication
    • Waxguard filters
    • Packing of batteries A312 (6 batteries)
    • Case
    • Box
    • Manual

    Options (+65USD):

    • Custom in ear monitors option (1 full range BA driver) for quality sound reproduction
    • Frequency range 10 Hz - 17 kHz;
    • Impedance(500 Hz): 10 Ohm
    • Sensitivity(500 Hz): 108 dB/mVt


    User Manual of Hunter Sound I

    Comfortable suppression of a gun shot

    Range of active HunterSound earplugs from Ambient-Acoustics is a high-quality product made on the base of German technologies on the basis of high-performance digital DSP processors!

    The Ambient Acoustics laboratory adapted the HunterSound I system for conditions in which protection of hearing organs against possible pulse noise of high intensity with preservation of full communication is necessary! HunterSound I is programmed in the way that all peak sounds of high intensity 120-160 dB (shot) "compressed" to the comfortable level (90-95 dB), and low intensity sounds and the speech on the contrary amplified up to 20 dB depending on the loudness! It allows to avoid an acoustic trauma during bench firing or hunting competitions and at the same time, is qualitative and legible to hear hints of the trainer and surrounding sounds!

    HunterSound1 shells are produced in a form of ear channels that thereby gives the most comfortable fitting system in ears!

    1 - individual shells

    2 - receiver with the waxfilter system

    3 - faceplate

    4 - program switch button

    5 - microphone port

    6 - serial number

    7 - battery door (depending on the size of an auricle of the person and a final form of shells, can settles down in internal part of a sink system)

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