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  • Ambient cord Black

    90 $
    production 5 days
    Pin colors


    - Twisting of eight conductors (four per channel)

    - Cooper of high degree affinage

    - Without solder parts on branching

    - 3.5 mm jack: angled

    - Color: Black


    Additional options on request:

    - MMCX connectors’ installation (Shure, Westone), 2-pin (0.78mm), Ultimate Ears custom series

    - Balanced four-contact jack installation


    Reliability and expressed "monitor" sound

    Twisted detachable cable of Ambient Acoustics production. This cable was created based on the requirements of maximum reliability and durability. Conductors’ covering is teflon. The conductor’s structure includes silver, which provides for monitors sounding an excellent location and necessary detail.

    Compatible models:

    Plugs with Screwthread - Ambient Acoustics custom and universal series (after 2015)

    2-pin (0,78mm) - JH Audio, 1964 Ears, Unique Melody, Earsonics, Kozee,Stage 93, Aurisonics, Heir Audio, Compact Monitors, Future Sonics, Gorilla, Alien Ears, Alclair, Dream Earz, Clear Tune Monitors, Frogbeats, Rhapsodio, Tralucent Audio, Spiral Ear, Vision Ears, Rooth, Noble Audio, InEar, Lear, Lime Ears, Rhines, CanalWorks, EarWerks, InEarz, Eartech Music, Advanced Ears, Cosmic Ears, Westone (UM3RC, UM3X, W4R, ES Series, AC Series, UM2 Series)

    2-pin (0,75mm) - Ambient Acoustics custom and universal series(before 2015), Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10(pro) Super Fi5Pro, Super Fi3, M-AUDIO IE-40,IE-30,IE-20 XB,IE-10, Altec Lansing (UHP336)

    MMCX - Shure (SE215, SE315, SE425,SE535.SE846) Ultimate Ears (UE900), Westone,(UM PRO 10, 20, 30, 50, W10, W20, W40, W60,ES50, ES30, ES20, ES10, AC20, AC10), Sensaphonics, Cosmic Ears, InEarZ, Audiofly(AF180), Fidue (A83), VSonic (VSD3S), Ultrasone (IQ), JVC (HA-FX850)

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