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    The history of development of the Ambient Acoustics brand began in early 2004. At that time, the founders of the Company worked together in a hearing center.

    Over time, acquiring the necessary practical experience and knowledge in the field of audiology and ear moulds manufacturing, came up to the idea of ​​​​creating a narrow-profile Company specializing in products for personal monitoring, hearing protection and TV industry.

    Ambient Acoustics was established in 2010. Literally, translated from English, "Ambient Acoustics" means "enveloping sound." In other words, everything that comes into contact with the world of acoustics. With such message the company began to development its products. Based on this idea, the Company's slogan was chosen: "Hear your individuality." This is an addition and an emphasis on the fact that each person has an individual perception of sound. And knowing all the anatomical features and structure of the ears, we can help a person achieve the perfect sound.

    Thus, the philosophy of Ambient Acoustics is the creation of quality products adapted to the person in order to achieve maximum comfort and enjoyment of music.

    From that moment, the company began to build its own individual sound signature in the field of custom earphones. The first models included up to 4 armature drivers and were quite revolutionary in that time.

    In 2013, Ambient Acoustics was the first Company in the world, which implemented phase-impedance correction of the nonlinear electrical characteristics of Balanced Armature drivers in its in-ear earphones. This technology allows you to remove the influence of the sound source (DAC, DAP, AMP or professional audio equipment) on the amplitude-frequency characteristic of the earphones, which was set by the manufacturer. Now this kind of technology is popular by many manufacturers.

    At the same time, the experience of working with musicians has shown that not only the fit of the earphones and the sound are important, but also the high-quality reliable fastening of the detachable wire. Thus, the idea arose to create own reliable and durable threaded connectors, which are used to this day in all Ambient Acoustics earphone models.

    It is worth emphasizing that the company pays attention not only to high-quality sound, but also to design. Since 2017, the production has been transferred to modern digital technologies, such as: 3D modeling, 3D printing and multi-axis milling. A number of technological improvements in the manufacturing process have led to the establishment of a clear quality standard that every pair of earphones meets, regardless of cost and application.

    Since 2018, the company has begun to move away from the traditional design of multi-driver earphones through the use of passive electrical filters (crossovers). This is how the concept of MAD (Main Audio Destination) was created. The basis of the concept is the formation of the frequency characteristics of earphones only with the help of acoustic methods and corrections of the characteristics of the drivers. The concept was realized with the help of unique resonators and structural band pass acoustic filters.

    The MAD concept helped to design the coherent sound of the 24-driver model. This are the first earphones in the world with so many drivers, created without the use of electric crossovers. At the moment, MAD24 is the pinnacle of the implementation of the MAD concept and the pride of the company.

    Ambient Acoustics is currently one of the leading earphone manufacturers. Continues to develop its technologies and improve its products to meet all customer requirements. True love for music and innovative technologies is the basis of the company's work!

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