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  • In-earpones AM5 LAM-C

    Unique Custom In-Ear monitors with five BA drivers per ear.

    1250 $
    production 30 days

    Our model with five BA drivers per ear there is a logical continuation of idea of manual selection of sound character by the user!

    (C- means "custom fit")
    In LAM5-C depth of the bass comes to infrasound range and bass level change by simply switching one or two toggle switches on the faceplates. Manual adjustment is available in a stepwise control of low frequencies in the four positions 0, +6, +10 and + 14dB. Thus, the end user becomes the owner of not one pair of custom in-earphones but one with four different musical material supply!
    LAM5-C presents musical material with amazing volume and precision tools positioning, regardless of the choice of the switches positions!


    • 5 BA drivers per ear

    • 2 metal sound bores

    • 3-way passive crossover

    • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 17kHz

    • Sensivity (50Hz): 110dB/mVt,116dB/mVt,120dB/mVt и 124dB/mVt

    • Impedance (50Hz): 12 Ohm

    • Fixing the drivers and crossover inside shells without air cavities

    Frequency Response LAM5-C

    (IEC711 coupler Reference Plane)

    LAM5-C sound has stunning "lightness" which is achieved by compliance in the resulting frequency response of the resonant phenomena of ears and ear canals with human perception of sound in free field conditions, as well as through the use of metal in the construction of the sound bores crossover.

    Uniqueness LAM technology consists in that when switching modes total earphone resistance substantially unchanged and therefore the amplifiers in players do not change the mode from a low impedance amplification to high-impedance load!

    Electrical Impedance Curve LAM5-C

    Electrical Phase Curve LAM5-C

    Using of Impedance and Phase correction - a unique development of Ambient Acoustics lab, is reduces the impact of the internal circuitry of the amplifiers on the final sound signature of the earphones by raising the linearity of the electrical impedance and electrical phase curves of earhones, which, in turn, significantly increases the "naturalness" and "fusion" of sound!

    Unique "LAM"(Live Acoustic Mod) technology was created by the Ambient Acoustics lab. specifically for audiophiles and sound lovers applied in LAM5-C and manual adjustment for user is available in a stepwise control of low frequencies in four positions: 0, +6, +10 and + 14dB

    Flat mode - all switches are lowered down.
    Balance mode - the blue switch is raised up, red -- down.

    Warm + Sweet mode - the red switch is raised, the blue is down.

    Bass mode - red and blue switches are raised up.

    To order a custom version LAM5-C, you need to make a cast in our lab (in this case the price is included in the cost of headphones) or send us physical impressions of the ears (the address will be indicated in the further instructions of our specialists). Also, to expedite the order, we recommend sending scanned ears in 3D format * .stl to us on the mail!

    Our recommendations for earimpressions


    • Custom in-ear monitors LAM5-С
    • Detachable Ambient Cord with sqrewthread plugs
    • Engraved waterproof case
    • IEM wax tool
    • Dehumidifier capsule
    • Carabin
    • Service Manual + Waranty card

    Four sound signatures in one CIEM!

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