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  • Earplugs with acoustic filters (2pсs)

    For use in high noise enviroments where basic communication is necessary.

    65 $
    production 10 days

    Earplugs can be ordered in follow colours:

    • Clear​
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Violet

    Other combinations of colours are discussed individually with laboratory


    These earplugs are intended for use in conditions with high noise level where basic communication is necessary. Such earplugs are often applied in the sphere motor-and autocompetitions, builders, dental technicians, musicians, hunters, etc.

    Individual earplugs are equipped with the connecting lace which prevents loss one of earplugs! They are made from hypoallergenic silicone.

    By a structural type earplugs are subdivided on:

    1.full shell (settle down in all auricle)

    2.half shell (fill the ear channel and part of a shell)

    3. channel (fill only space of the ear channel)

    In sound tubes of earplugs acoustic filters are used which give selective decrease in a sound at different frequencies.

    Earplugs with acoustic filters aren't intended for immersion under water (diving)! If you have chronic diseases of ENT organs, consult with your doctor about a possibility of use this production.

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