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  • musical earplugs

    Range of musical earplugs with Etymotic resonators inside.

    145 $
    production 10 days

    Earplugs can be ordered in follow colours:

    • Clear​
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Violet

    Other combinations of colours are discussed individually with laboratory.


    In these musical earplugs passive acoustic resonators ER 9 dB, 15 dB, 25 dB are used. Earplugs on the basis of such filters give uniform decrease in a sound in all heard frequency range. It means that the level of weakening of noise at all frequencies has approximately identical value.

    The ideal decision for musicians and sound producers for whom it is necessary not distorted, lowered to the comfortable level of soundings musical compositions.

    Earplugs are made from soft silicone which has found the application in hearing aid and has proved as reliable and durable material!

    Individual earplugs are equipped with a lace which prevents loss of one of earplugs!!

    By a structural type earplugs are divided on:

    1.full shell (settle down in all auricle)

    2.half shell (fill the ear channel and part of a sink)

    3. channel (fill only space of the ear channel)

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