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  • SlimTV (stereo)

    Wire stereo headset on both ears for TV and music industry

    175 $
    production 10 days


    • stereo wire transfer of acoustic signal (on both ears);
    • connection type - wire (jack stereo is 3,5 mm);
    • removable wire with a unique reliable threaded connection; length of a wire is 150 cm;
    • frequency range 50 Hz - 8 kHz;
    • impedance (1000 Hz) - 12 Ohms;
    • 4 lengths of sound tube for adaptation to any ear size;
    • shells are made from impressions of ears;
    • sound insulation of surrounding noise up to 25 dB!



    *The teleprompter SlimTV is made in beige color with corporal pink removable wire and transparent custom shells with waxguard filters

    **Complete set: SlimTV with acrylic shells in a shape of ears (left and right ear), a cardboard box, a cover, a clamp on clothes, a draining capsule, manual

    Invisible and high-quality communication

    The teleprompter SlimTV is a modular wire custom headset which is developed and designed by Ambient Acoustics for TV industry, where imperceptible and high-quality communication is necessary! Due to technology of creation of individual shells from ear impressions and hi-tech Balanced Armature receivers, SlimTV systems reproduces all speech range with unsurpassed quality and exclusive clearness.

    It's applied with the In-Ear radio systems monitoring!

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