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    Ambient Acoustics’ filter for compensation of excessive pneumatic sound pressure near the eardrum. Thanks to an elastic and dampen element, AP20 equally decrease external noise on level within 20 dB in all frequency range!

    Unique multi-driver earphones design approach for solving problems with phase matching. The separation of frequency bands is carried out without the use of electric crossovers, but due to the natural slope of the FR of each driver and with the help of various acoustic load of the oscillating circuit of the system of sound bores for drivers and acoustic notch filters ANOR.


    Processing, correction of ear impressions and shells printing implemented in digitized form that allows to remove processing errors at each CIEM manufacturing phase, which occurs during the traditional manual processing of impression and shells.


    Unique Ambient Acoustics’ acoustic notch filter, which plays the role of an electric crossover and “cuts off” the zone of sibilance on which the natural ear canal resonance occurs (after the second bend of the ear canal), thereby compensating this gain.


    Excessive sound pressure compensation technology. It reduces the effect of occlusion - a closed volume of the ear canal due to the elastic element (radiating membrane). This technology takes advantage of "open drivers" and reduces sound insulation down to 20 dB without losing bass depth sounding!


    The improved technology of Phase and Impedance correction of earphones. This technology was developed and realized by Ambient Acoustics laboratory in 2013! We were the first laboratory in the world, who made it. LEP makes correction of phase and impedance characteristics of the reactive elements of the Balanced armature drivers.

    Drivers and components fixing inside the shell without air cavities, which remove all unwanted parasitic resonances inside the shells that can affect the sound of the earphones.


    Unique Ambient Acoustics lab. two contacts screw plugs. New modern design of plugs is completed by the increased reliability of fixation in the CIEMs due to the screw connection. Plugs can be made in the colors of shells and become an extension of their individual design.

    Shells of universal earphones perform the role of acoustic design.
    Individual design of universal earphones` faceplates.
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